Preston Kemp

Preston Kemp

IT Specialist

Preston has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and is currently working on a master’s in cyber security. He is an invaluable resource within his field, and his story and experiences make him a unique and vital member of the board.

“I remember from my earliest memories that I was different,” said Preston, who grew up in a traditional christian household. Like many young gay christians, once he recognized that difference was being gay, he hid his identity for years. “Like so many LGBTQ+ people, I believed that there was something so deeply broken and wrong with me that I didn’t deserve love or belonging.”

As a student at a private christian university, Preston began to break down the toxic beliefs that had produced the shame he grew up feeling. Now that he has become comfortable with his identity as a gay christian man, Preston feels a duty to help other LGTBQ+ people who grew up in the same systems he did.

Preston spends his free time working out, working on hobbyist projects and working to make his community a better place to live.

“I want to be the person for others that my younger self needed. If I can help spare someone from going through what I went through, then I’ve done something worthwhile.”